CGC Dredging performs specialist dredging throughout Australia for the mining community, mostly in the area of tailings management. For example, the company has undertaken all of Alcoa’s dredging work in WA for the last 20 years.

Hellyer Mine, Tasmania

Hellyer Mine, Tasmania
Client: Hellyer Mill, joint venture parties
Location: Tasmania

We were interviewed and selected from companies Australia wide as the only company who could perform this work due to its complexity. This was a project in which tailings were being reclaimed by our dredge from deep within a lake bed and were retreated to produce a zinc concentrate...(click on picture for more info)

Alcoa mine site (Pinjarra, WA)

Alcoa mine site (Pinjarra, WA)
Client: Alcoa
Location: Pinjarra, WA

We have dredged and pumped in excess of 2,000,000m3 of caustic mud to either super thickeners or drying beds in projects performed since 1988. We also conducted a sand / mud separation dredging project of 150,000m3.

Alcoa mine site (Kwinana, WA)

Alcoa mine site (Kwinana, WA)
Client: Alcoa
Location: Kwinana, WA

Since 1986, we have dredged and pumped approximately 750,000m3 of caustic mud to super-thickener and to drying beds.

Alcoa mine site (wagerup, wa)

Client: Alcoa
Location: Wagerup, WA

Since 1992, we have dredged and pumped approximately 650,000 m3 of caustic mud to super-thickener and to drying beds.

Allied Eneabba

Client: Allied Eneabba
Location: Eneabba, WA
Completion Date: 1981

Our first foray into mine tailings; we dredged 40,000 m3 from their silted return water pond.

Iluka Resources Ltd

Client: Iluka Resources Ltd

We dredged and pumped approximately 180,000 m3 of tailings to drying pads

BHP Mine Site (beenup, WA)

Client: BHP
Location: Beenup, WA

We dredged approx. 500,000 m3 tailings between ponds and into reclaim tests.

Alcan Gove Mine Site (Gove, NT)

Location: Gove, NT

We dredged approx. 100,000 m3 tailings between ponds over a distance of 1.5km with 25 metres elevation. A booster pump was used.

Boral Quarries (Perth Hills, WA)

Client: Boral Quarries
Location: Perth Hills, WA

We dredged approx 30,000m3 slimes from their washing plant settling ponds and pumped them through a booster pump, 1km up-hill into another pit.

Boral Quarries (Darwin, N.T)

Client: Boral Quarries
Location: Darwin, N.T

We were awarded a long term contract to dredge sand from a wet pit into a washing plant for production of concrete sand. We dredged for 4 months before the site became all rock and no more sand could be found. Incorrect information was provided by the client’s geologist.