Murchison River Ocean siltation (Kalbarri, WA)

Location: Murchison River, Kalbarri WA

Murchison River Mouth is located at Kalbarri in Western Australia. Kalbarri is a small fishing and tourist centre located some 600km north of Perth, at the mouth of the Murchison River.

The Murchison River ocean entrance provides access to the Indian Ocean for vessels and shelter of the Kalbarri Maritime Facility. Annual maintenance dredging of the Murchison River is required primarily to maintain a navigable channel for use by the commercial fishing industry based in Kalbarri.

A navigable channel is required at the river mouth for the start of the rock lobster fishing season each year. On average between 30,000m3 to 40,000m3 of material is removed yearly. The dredged material is pumped to the disposal site which is located on the shoreline north of Oyster Reef.