10 Year Department of Transport WA Contract

In Febuary 2012, CGC Dredging was awarded a 10 year contract to carry out and complete all Dredging Works for the Government of Western Australia; Department of Transport.

The State Tendering Panel recommendations included the following summary:

"Below is an extract from the report which summarises the evaluation panel’s view of your tender:"

“CGC Dredging submitted the lowest overall cost tender and was assessed as best able to undertake the works. CGC was able to demonstrate strong relevant previous experience both as an organisation and from its personnel (both management and operational). They are an established WA company and were able to demonstrate minimum transition requirements and costs. CGC also has an extensive list of plant available in WA to undertake the works which has been specifically developed over time to meet WA requirements. The panel considered that having the program split between a number of cutter suction dredges provided a lower risk and some redundancy. CGC’s response on methodology was not detailed but in its tender and at interview, CGC’s personnel demonstrated their depth of understanding of the Department’s dredging requirements and previous experience at each of the sites. In particular, CGC demonstrated an ability to implement and tailor modifications and solutions (in both plant and methods) to address complexities at various sites. CGC’s combination of experience and available plant lead the evaluation panel to determine that CGC offered the least risk outcome at the best price.”