In addition to our three Cutter Suction Dredges, we have on offer our two patented "Slurrytrak III" and "Slurrytrak IV" pumping plants for coastal sand bypassing operations as well as some mining applications. Slurrytrak III is a revolutionary, mobile material screening, pumping & conveying plant designed to transfer wet or dry materials (up to 370t/h) cost-effectively over long distances. It has distinct advantages over the more traditional truck/haul system resulting in lower cost per tonne.

"Slurrytrak III" Mobile Material Screening and Pumping Plant

"Slurrytrak III" operates in tandem with our 60 tonne Excavator (EX04) and has the following features and specifications:


High Mobility
The tracked undercarriage is able to traverse soft or rough terrain and walk on and off transport. The plant is capable of slewing through 360º on the tracked base frame, allowing the feed hopper to track as close as possible to your loading plant.

Highly Controlled Production
Controlled metering of the feed material allows pumping at premium density for optimum production.

Onboard Screening
A static primary grizzly is fitted to reject all waste/oversize material eliminating pump blockages improving productivity.

Maximum Efficiency
Material is handled only once from the workface directly into a plant or stockpile. The SlurryTrak can work in all weather conditions, unlike truck/haul systems.

Safety Protection
All safety protection shutdowns are fitted standard to the engine and transmission. Overload devices are fitted to all hydraulic circuits. All safety guarding meets the strictest O.H.&S and Mines Department Regulations.

Low Cost
Only two items of plant are required to win materials and transport high volumes over long distances offering considerable capital and operational savings.

Enviromentally Friendly
No haul roads means very little dust or constant traversing of wet areas. The SlurryTrak’s pipeline can traverse all terrains, under or over roads or water channels, or through environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact.

Length 12.5m
Travel Height 4
Operating Height 5m
Transport Width 3.1m
Operating Width 3.8m
Weight 42 tonne
Capacity 370tph
Slurry Pump Warman 8/6G-AH
Engine Cummins NTTA 855
Spray Bars Water spray bars are fitted over the secondary grizzly screen. The angle of spray nozzles and water volume is adjustable to suit all materials.
Remote Tipping Grizzly Remote controlled tipping actuation of the primary tipping grizzly is fitted.
Secondary Grizzly Screen The single deck grizzly is a vibrating linear motion screen box that can be fitted with replaceable meshes. The amplitude and speed are adjustable.
Oversize Chute A chute is fitted to direct all oversize material or waste materials away from the plant.
Design & Build Designed and built by CGC Group with a world patent
EXCAVATOR 60 tonne Hitachi EX600 (EX04)