"Mudlark I" Dredge Specifications

Hull Length 18 meters.
Hull Width 5.0 meters. Clip-on pontoons availible for extra stability.
Displacement 48 tonnes.
Digging Depth Up to 7 meters dredging depth.
Draft 900mm.
Power Caterpillar C18 422 kW electronic marine diesel.
Pump Warman 250mm high head dredge pump.
Pipeline 300mm diameter discharge piping.
Transmission Marine Transmission with direct drive to pump
Controls Electric and mechanical.
Survey In Department of Transport to 2C.
Cutter Hydraulic cutter up to 91kW in bucket wheel or crown head options. Replaceable cutting edges and teeth. Rock, sand and weed tolerant heads optional. Power upgradeable.
Anchor Booms Fitted. Dredge sets its own anchors where required.
Spud System Fitted. Main spud travels hydraulically (2 meters). Modern fast lifting and quick drop mechanisms.
Stern Winch Optional stern winch. For optional all wire operation where spuds cannot be used.
Engine Room Houses power plant and controls. Fully enclosed with tropical hatch for ventilation. Insulated against fire and noise encapsulation. A large exhaust system combines with engine room sound proofing and hydraulic ventilation fan to provide quiet operation.
Electrical 24V DC, and 240V AC is available on board. Circuit breakers and earth leakage protection is fitted.
Lighting 3000 watts external LED lighting floods are fitted. All lighting is LED.
Flow measure A nuclear density measuring meter is fitted; this gives mass flow measurements such as flow, Tonnes, m3.


Trailer The dredge is transported on a specifically designed road trailer. This is designed to meet road transport regulation, but also to keep the dredge in one piece, thereby saving on mobilization time and cost. Reliability is also enhanced when hydraulic, electrical and other connections are not disrupted. The dredge is, however fully demountable if a project should require this. The trailer is designed to act as a slipway for the dredge to place it in and out of the water. Hydraulic jacking legs provide for angling and a large hydraulic winch pulls the dredge on or off the trailer.
Workshop A sea container has been converted into a mobile workshop and spare parts storage facility for use on site.
Re-fuelling We have full re-fuelling facilities for use at site. This includes sea containerized 10,000 litre tanks with meter, pump, hose, safety hand piece and sealed safety cell catchment for the entire contents. We also have 1000 litre transfer tanks to go on the IT Loader forks and also built in transfer tanks in the workboats.
IT Loaders A CAT 930 loader with fork and bucket attachments is included for use as a support machine.
Vehicles One tonne 4WD tray back utilities are provided as site vehicles and for personal transport.
Pipeline 1700mm dia floating lines and steel and poly pipelines are included for a total distance of 1,500m. Extra pipe is available if necessary.
Anchors Danforth/ CGC modified anchors for dredge and floating line.
Workboat A 22 foot Aluminium centre console workboat (Ali 2) is provided as standard which features twin 60Hp outboard motors for added safety. This vessel is in survey to Department of Transport. Other workboats are also available.
Booster Pumps The choice from our three diesel powered portable booster pump stations all with Warman dredge pumps. These all have wheels and tow bar so they can be towed across terrain by our IT loaders.