ProfileCGC Dredging are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all employees, contractors, visitors and the public.
We consider safety to be a function of doing business, which allows employees to perform their tasks to their maximum potential and efficiency in a planned, organised and controlled manner without undue risk to their safety or health.
To that effect, we have developed a safety management system that is integrated with all our organisational activities. All Managers, Employees, Contractors and Visitors have a responsibility to work safely, to take all reasonable care for their own safety and health and that of their fellow employees, contractors, visitors and the public and to take remedial action where workplace hazards are identified.
At CGC Dredging we are committed to a goal of achieving zero harm and we will take the following steps to achieve this goal:
• Ensure work safety conditions are maintained;
• Establishing programs and procedures for managing workplace risks;
• Complying with all Western Australian legal Occupational Safety and Health and other requirements;
• Involving employees in the development and implementation of the programs and procedures, through the Safety Consultation system;
• Ensure that information on hazards in the workplace and training in how to work safely is passed onto to all personnel;
• Committing adequate and appropriate resources to enable us to achieve these goals; and
• Continuously monitoring and improving our systems by setting measurable objectives and targets aimed at the elimination of work related injury and illness.
The Director accepts responsibility for safety and the monitoring thereof. It is the responsibility of the Management Team to ensure the development, implementation and review of the programs and procedures are undertaken on a regular basis.