Capital Dredging

Two Rocks Marina, WA

Location: Two Rocks, WA

We deepened the marina basin by 1 metre in solid limestone base rock. Another diving contractor blasted large sections of the floor prior to dredging.

Albany Emu Point Beach Stabilization Project, WA

Location: Albany, WA

We removed 35,000m3 of sand from the marina entrance and basin, and pumped it approximately 1,200 metres to Emu Point Beach for beach creation.

Dawesville Channel Marina

Location: Dawesville, WA

We constructed the small boat marina basin. We dredged approximately 145,000m3 of sand and limestone and pumped over a distance of 1.3 km through a booster station to residential landfill.

A later campaign involved deepening sections of this marina.

Dawesville Channel, Mandurah WA

As part of the Thiess construction consortium, we dredged approximately 550,000m3 of mud, sand and weed from the estuary entrance to the channel, pumping it distances of up to 1.5 km.

This was a double shift operation and for the first three months had two dredges on site. There was critical survey control and quality assurance. Difficult spoil handling conditions existed due to large volumes of marine mud. Limestone and tree stumps were also encountered and removed. We worked amongst strong currents after the channel was opened.

Geraldton Harbour, WA

Location: Geraldton, WA

We dredged 129,000 m3 sand and limestone to –10.5 CD to form the Berth 6, toe line and turning basin in 1997.

A 50,000m3 beach re-nourishment project was also completed following the berth 6 program.

An environmental dredging program of 180,000 m3 was completed in 2002/03 prior to the 3000 tonne ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ deepening the harbour in hard rock. We cleared the harbour floor of contaminated sediment and placed it into a sealed containment area. This involved dredging along the limestone interface and large volumes of rock were present in the spoil.

In 2003 we dredged approx. 40,000 m3 from the old yacht club marina area for preparations to form a new tug boat haven.

Geraldton Fishing Boat Harbours Entrance, WA

Location: Geraldton, WA

We dredged approximately 279,000 m3 of both sand and limestone rock to create a new entrance channel. This allowed the extension of the port.