CGC undertakes all types of cutter suction and open suction dredging with the majority of our work relating to the mining tailings and marine dredging industries. We have a range of cutter types for each dredge as well as a substantial amount of support equipment such as booster pumps, workboats. IT loaders, excavator, pipes and fittings.

Our projects history shows that a wide variety of projects have been successfully undertaken - from slimes and clays, to sands, weed, corals and rock. Our mobility allows us to undertake small jobs whilst our reliability and expertise allows us to do large projects. Our clients include large mining companies, government departments, ports, construction contractors and private developers.

We also operate our patented Slurrytrak land based crawler mounted sand pumping plant and this is used extensively in coastal sand bypassing operations as well as some mining applications.

CGC Dredging has its Home base in Henderson, Western Australia but its operations are not limited to this area. We have undertaken projects in Northern Australia and south eastern Australia.