Carnarvon Fascine, WA

Location: Carnarvon, WA

We completed the initial dredging of the Town Fascine in 1981 whereby open water was created in front of the town and some 250,000m3 was displaced to close and fill the south arm of the Gascoyne River for sub-divisional land use.

We later dredged approximately 340,000m3 to fill an adjacent future subdivision, pumping over a distances of up to 2.7 km through two boosters.

A further 50,000m3 dredging campaign was later conducted to extend the Fascine open water for sailing and to dredge the entrance to the town slipway and yacht club. The Fascine entrance bell mouth was also cleared and widened.

We recently constructed the new spoil 80,000m3 pond at the harbour facility.